Ketchup Chemtrails

by Tomato Dodgers

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released February 22, 2015

Copyright © 2015 Tomato Dodgers. All rights reserved.

Tomato Dodgers is:
Joe Doyle - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, prayer
Tera Duffer - glockenspiel, ukelele, percussion, vocals,
Asher Meerovich - electric guitar, cello, vocals, tears
Pete Myers - drums, vocals, red lights

Recorded and produced by Ananth Batni at Pretty Good Studios, MD.
All songs by Asher Meerovich/Tomato Dodgers except "Morning Light" & "Jokes" by Joe Doyle/Tomato Dodgers
"Slenderman" lyrics by Jack Angelo

With special guests:
Dani Gisselbeck - saxophone on "Paranoid"
Jack Angelo - vocals on "Slenderman"

This album would not exist without Jeaux-Phred II.



all rights reserved


Tomato Dodgers College Park, Maryland

moxious groovesters nimbly sidestepping the ripe projectiles of struggle, in hopes of unearthing a fresh, funky future free of falling fruit


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Track Name: Elvis Impersonator
I live down the street from an elvis impersonator, he taught me how to make friends in my head. we walked down the street at night and a little later, he had big scary eyes. well they'll kill me if i tell you what i know. it seems much easier to let it all go. they'll kill me if i tell you what i know. so don't worry, take it slow, and remember just how fast a year goes by. I live next door from a crocodile man, he taught me with his crocodile hands. he told me not to ever let someone tell me what i was owed. you think you're a victim and your only symptom is sympathy.
Track Name: Woman In Black
Once you fall asleep i've been sneaking off downstairs, tiptoeing with a flashlight in my hand. measuring out the inches of the whiskey in the bottle, to see how much you need to drink the thoughts away. I read through all the letters that you sent; I flip through all the photos on the shelf. i don't pray to god after i slip back into bed, i know that we're already in hell. and i've tried so hard to stay the way that i am, instead of how you want me to be. but your demands just increase, and i keep on losing sleep, cause loving you was never free. i keep trying to write songs about heroin, but every line just comes out about you. the pain on my arm is your fingers gripping hard, telling me you need to leave me soon. i fall asleep with your name on my mouth, the nausea and the dizziness won't stop. my brother says my screaming is too loud, i know that i won't ever readjust.
cause when you're near, it's clear i'll never get away, you give me such a heart attack. but i'd rather die than try to leave ever again, you know i'll just come crawling back, you know i'll come right back.
Track Name: Paranoid
I hear things that you don't tell me. i hear them call you names you tell me you don't go by. and maybe it's all in my head, but these tangled feelings in my heart, they don't lie. and it's breaking, it's breaking, it's breaking my heart in two. the way I see him sneaking around with you. and it's taking, it's taking, it's taking me far from you. and the way my heart is breaking I don't know what else I can do. and I wish I didn't care about you like you don't care about me. but if we could just look past that, there's another way things could be. I know there's things you don't show me. I know there's something going on that it ain't worth fighting for. and maybe I'm just paranoid, but the things that I hear in your voice I just can't ignore. would you give me a second chance? would you shoot me a second glance? would you even blink an eyelid If the ground beneath me breaks? would you reach between your heart and mine? or would you just feed me another line? would you tell me we're running out of time if I only laid awake?
Track Name: Morning Light
Have you ever tried to sleep with the morning light? but you find that she's much too bright. oh, no, it's alright. i'm just trying to make it through the night. but it's alright, because to me, the morning light is what i need. have you ever tried to breathe in the ocean's air? just to find that there's no taste there. have you ever tried to drink in the pouring rain? just to find that your tongue's still stained.
Track Name: Ostrich Egg
My head feels like an ostrich egg. sandy speckled shell. gigantic bloated oval. tall tall bird with your head in the sand, secrets i don't understand. pretty bird don't make me beg, my head feels like an ostrich egg.
Track Name: Slenderman
I walked through the scary forest just trying to find my way. only seeing black and darkness, til I come across a page. demented scrawlings on the paper telling me to turn and run. pick it up, the drums are pounding, now the hunting has begun. I find two or three more pages, volume of the drum increased. hairs on the back of my neck stand, feel the presence of the beast. then I turn around and see him, taller than a jungle gym. tentacles of blackness grab me. slenderman. you're gonna die.
Track Name: Jokes
I joke to block out the pain. I make my jokes in the hollow hopes that someday I'll beat this game.
I don't let my frown show. even the good lord knows not to let his frown show in public, but here i go. yeah man, i am fine. my mama's sick, my brother died, my daddy's sad all the same time, but oh yeah, man, i'm fine. what will my last words be? i hope it's a joke so that when i croak they forget about the pain and laugh at me.
Track Name: Train Station
Let me know if you've got time for me. didn't we say that we'd be fine? i'd be yours and you'd be mine? but as the train rolled down the tracks, the time came to look around, but you were nowhere to be found. I drop my suitcase on the ground. but you left me waiting down at the train station. buy your ticket, i don't mind, i pack my bags and wait in line. let me know if you've got time for me. remembering when we were so young, before this nightmare had begun. now my only memory of this train that brought us harm are these tracks across my arm. that's all i've got to say, so no one can defend me. i watch the boxcars come and go. i should've seen it coming, now i know that the only thing that i can trust is the rhythm of the tracks. so tonight i'll step on board and won't look back.